black logo Alivi8 Portable Vaporizer Product Review

Wow.. This device is really moreish.  When I first looked at the packaging I was seriously impressed.  It comes in a neat box and looking rather sheik and elegant.  When in your hand it feels weighty – not heavy – like the weight of a gold chain.  The kind of weight that suggests expensiveness.

And the vaporizer itself is a real pleasure to use.  It’s as simple as unscrewing it and putting some ground up herb in the chamber, before re-screwing and lighting it from the outside whilst inhaling for 8-10 seconds.  The result?  A lovely THC-filled vapour that tastes delicious without the harmful effects of smoking.

I would definitely recommend any serious toker to try the Alivi8.  Its affordable price and the fact that it can last years as well as the health benefits of choosing a vaporizer over smoking make this a must have for true cannabis connoisseurs.

Buy from or from all good head shops.

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