cannabiscurescancer US Government Study Proves Cannabinoids Kill Leukemia, Breast And Lung Cancer Cells

Finally, a US Government study has found that cannabinoids have excellent therapeutic effects in treating cancer.

The study found that Cannabis Oil (A potent cannabis concentrate) made from cannabis buds, when ingested three times daily for two months, will destroy leukemia and cancer cells. You can read one study which shows the results here states that: “The government study was done by Jia WHegde VLSingh NPSisco DGrant SNagarkatti M,Nagarkatti PS at the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Medical College of Virginia Campus, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, USA.
To quote: “Cannabinoids including THC, induce apoptosis in leukemic cells” PMID: 16908594″

Cannabis oil is the most effective way to consume cannabis if using it for its cancer curing properties.  Now we have a Government study to back that up, on top of an ever-growing number of other studies proving cannabis has beneficial effects on a whole range of illnesses.

Of course those familiar with cannabis will have heard about its cancer curing properties from Rick Simpson’s Run From The Cure (See the video below). But now there is a Government study people will hopefully begin to take notice so that more research can be done into cannabis-based treatments and more sensible laws can be considered for medicinal cannabis users.

The current laws surrounding the use of cannabis in the UK are a breach of human rights for thousands medical cannabis users (excluding Sativex), who at the moment are considered criminals for using the most effective medicine for their conditions. With proof from studies like this, hopefully we can push for change so that these people can live better quality lives without being criminalised.

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