This review was written for issue 9 of ISMOKE Magazine, which you can read online here

DSCF3518 300x225 ISMOKE Reviews: 2k Diffuser Beads“It was one of the smoothest hits I have ever taken out of my pipe.” – Mids Magazine

“With so much to offer at such an affordable price, 2K Diffuser Beads are the perfect upgrade for the glass you love or gift for that daily toker in your life.: – CannaGirl

“The beads really made a huge difference in how smooth the bong hit and I was able to take enormous hits without coughing which was very cool.” - Dank Jamz

“The best part about these things is they worked flawlessly. We ran 3 huge bowls through the bong, then judged if the diffuser beads had legitimately prevented partially-burned debris and ash from getting caught up in the percolators.” – The Canna Chronicles

“Diffuser Beads help cool hits from the bong” – Toke of the Town
2k Diffuser beads are a welcome addition to my bong.  As you inhale, the beads bubble around in the water, breaking up the smoke and cooling it drastically, making it very smooth on the lungs.  They are also reusable!  I put them in my percolator bong for double smoothness – and everybody that’s used it since thinks it’s the best bong they’ve ever done!
$10 a jar (Ships to the UK)
DSCF3522 1024x768 ISMOKE Reviews: 2k Diffuser Beads